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About Kuwentong Supling

(Indigenization of materials and Teaching Guides to Essential Cultural Knowledge across the K-12 Curriculum)

The Philippine Cultural Index is still a work in progress and continually evolving. Education stakeholders – curriculum developers, textbook writers, teachers, students, parents, artists and cultural workers – are encouraged to contribute either by enriching the information database through further research and collation of information from their own communities, or by engaging in the active promotion and dissemination of these cultural knowledge in various learning and art production activities.

The NCCEd Project Team acknowledges the invaluable contributions of over a hundred research mapping team members and cultural expert-consultants who painstakingly mapped, reviewed, validated, and finalized Philippine Cultural Index. EKPACAHBEC through INDIGENIZATION OF K TO 12 project is the realization of this undertaking, INDIGENIZATION of Materials and Teaching Guides to Essential Cultural Knowledge across the K-12 Curriculum project is a write-shop on Local Heritage Icons and re-telling of folktales for teachers guide utilization in Subject Areas of K to 3.


  • To present an enriched culture-based instructional design in contextualizing essential culture knowledge into the K to 12 content standards across the curriculum;
  • To conduct retelling of Filipino folktales trough a workshop with K to 3 teachers; and
  • To produce publications of KWENTONG SUPLING in 7 major languages.